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Thynk Software, as a growing company that was developing multiple software products for clients all around the world, wanted to redesign it's website in order to showcase better it's products, features, and case studies, and specially ti explain the core principles of the company: the hybrid approach to software development, and its methodology.

UI-UX design


Icon design




The design of the page was aimed at showing three essential parts of Thynk's identity: the hybrid approach, shown as a middle point between off-the-shelf and custom software; the methodology, which involves an iteration between the design, development and quality assurance teams; and Thynk's products, specially its framework Genesis, its finantial product Tonic, and its retail platform Ginger.



For the redesign, I decided to focus into the human component of Thynk, as sometimes software development is seen as something made entirely by computers, and the real people involved don't get the recognition they deserve. In order to do this, I decided to base the visual system of illustrations and infographics in the human figure, instead symbols related to computers and technology.



Redesigning a company's website is a great responsability, as this will show not only the principles of the company and what it has to offer, but also how they have grown over the years and what's the history that made them how they are today. This new design made Thynks Software warmer and more approachable, showing it as a human company, not a computerised system.

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