Pro Skater animation

While I was working at Thynk Software, as a way to disconect from the routine, I decided to start an online course in Domestika called "Frame by frame style animation in After Effects", by Pablo Cuello. This tought me a lot, not only about this particular animation technique, but also about the development of an animation project from the beggining to the end.



Character design




The only conditions for the final project of the course were that it was done in After Effects using the frame by frame technique, that it had some quick movement to learn smear frames, and that it had a walk cycle in order to practice this as well. As a novel animator, I saw this as a real challenge, but it was exiting to imagine that at the end of the course I would be able to do all those things.



I projected the story of a young skater with a proud attitude, that jumps over a staircase in a park to show their cool tricks. However, when they're already on the floor and walking with the skate on their hand, they stumple upon a stone and hits the ground face first. As a fun simple story it had all the elements needed: the walk cycle and the quick fall in the end to practice smear frames.



It was really rewarding to finally finish this project and see the improvement over previous animations I had created for work. I could only spend 4 to 8 hours a week on the project for the course, so it took me many months, but the process was motivating a and relaxing and the result worth the effort! Now I feel more confident as an animator, although I know this is just the beggining.

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