Genesis explanation animation

One of Thynk Software's key principles is the hybrid approach to software developing: using a framework, called Genesis, to make the process faster, while offering custom modules to make each software unique. In order to explain what a framework is to clients not familiar with software terminology, we decided to create an animated video explaining it in a visual and easy to understand way.



Character design




Thynk needed to explain to clients how a framework allows to build software by joining together different premade modules that fullfil different functions. First, we noticed that the best way to showcase the modules, was as construction blocks. Then we decided to use storytelling to explain this in a compelling way and be able to use it as a promotional video and not just as an animated infographic.



The video tells the experience of two CEO's of a growing company that need to build a custom software in order to manage their company better. After some research, they discover Thynk, who uses Genesis's blocks to satisfy each of their needs. In addition, Thynk turns the CEO'S new idea for a custom module into reality, shaping a unique software for their company.



The resulting short animation was very effective and satisfactory, explaining in a visual and compelling way a complex concept such as a framework, and the progress allowed me to learn a lot about animation and character design. This project was my first profesional short animation, and it was what convinced me to keep specialising in this field, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

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