BOA gaming platform

BOA, short for Bet On Action, is a sports betting platform designed to be engaging & approachable for all types of sports lovers, novices and experts alike, thanks to it's user friendly points system. My role in this project was redesigning completely the old platform's user interface, in order to make it more visually appealing, accesible and easy to read.

UI-UX design

Icon design




The platform had to include a section to see all the available matches to join, one with the joined games, and a leaderboard. The most important aspect was to design an interface that was quick and easy to read at a glance, in order to encourage users to join multiple games each time.



I designed a system of visual codes used to inform about the different details of the match. An icon and a picture of the field in the background represent the sport; two tshirts show the teams competing; and group of icons at the top show the game modes available for the match.



It was an interesting challenge to design a user interface that didn´t rely mostly on text to show information, creating a visual system that allowed the user to navigate the app quickly and understand how everything works easily. This proves again that showing is more powerful than telling.

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